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Paper Cartridges of Gettysburg is making Authentic, painstakingly realistic, and reenactment-safe blank cartridges for the serious authentic Confederate campaigner and reenactor. Offering complet Imported English cartridges made by E. & A. Ludlow of Birmingham, bundle wrapper dated 1862. Among the millions of English cartridges imported, Ludlow cartridges were documented in C.S. use as early as February 1862 in South Carolina and April 1862 at Shiloh. Their distinctive green label band would continuously be observed on just about every major battlefield through 1865. Due to the time required to manufacture and import the rounds from England, 1862-dated bundles would be commonly issued well into 1863.


Price for Receding Tide is $12 per pack. Event staff will be tracking how many arsenal packs each participant orders and will be issued on the field at Receding Tide.

CS Arsenal Packs

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