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21st Massachusetts Infantry

The Federal impression for Bluegrass Bastion will be the 21st Massachusetts Infantry. The 21st Massachusetts Infantry was in their third year of the war, having been through several re-supplies, and are carrying their 2nd issued weapon at this point int heir service.

The event Facebook group that will be the primary tool for announcements


J Please review the below impression guidelines VERY CAREFULLY.​ All gear is listed in order of K preference. All gear is to be made of correct period materials and construction.




  • Preferred - M1858 Sack Coat or M1858 Frock Coat (George Hitchcock from Company A mentions letting go of his sack coat and receiving a frock coat from his brother upon his brother's promotion to the commissioned ranks

  • Accepted - Private Purchase Blouse



  • Preferred - M1861 Sky Blue Trousers

  • Not Accepted - Dark Blue Trousers, Civilian Trousers

Hat: Company letters are encouraged. Other hat brass should be limited.

  • Preferred - M1858 Type I Forage Cap, M1858 Type II Forage Cap, or dark civilian hats

  • Accepted - Private Purchase Kepi, M1858 Dress Hat 


  • Preferred - M1851 Enlisted Foot Overcoat - There is mention of packs and overcoats being thrown off  by some men on the march from Mt. Sterling to Camp Nelson. This gives us a clue that they were still carrying them during the summer. For an unknown reason, they were not turned in that spring by the 21st.c


  • Preferred - Issue of either domet flannel or wool

  • Accepted - Civilian Shirt

Under drawers - No modern underwear is acceptable

  • Preferred – Issue

  • Accepted - Civilian


  • Preferred - Woolen Socks, issue or civilian make


  • Preferred - M1851 Jefferson Bootees (Brogans).

  • Accepted - Issue boots, Civilian Boots


​Rifle (with appropriate bayonet) - The 21st started the war with some form of smoothbore musket. It is not clear which. However, in December 1861, 8 companies received Enfield Muskets and the flank companies received Harper's Ferry rifles. The Enfield was considered a much better weapon than the previous by the men and there are mentions of engaging Confederates with smoothbores and having advantage of the rifle.

  • Preferred - P1853 Enfield Rifle Musket

  • Accepted - M1855/1861 Springfield Rifle Musket, M1863 Springfield Rifle Musket

  • Reluctantly Accepted but Discouraged – M1842 Springfield Musket/Rifle Musket

Bayonet Scabbard:

  • Preferred - 2 Rivet bayonet scabbard

  • Reluctantly Accepted - 7 Rivet bayonet scabbard

Cartridge Box :

  • Preferred - M1857/61 Cartridge Box with sling, box and eagle plates

Cap Box:

  • Preferred - M1862 Cap Box

  • Accepted - M1855 "Shield Front" Cap Box


  • Preferred - M1856 Waist Belt with puppy paw buckle and leather keeper or keeper cut off


  • Preferred - Black tarred issue haversack


  • Preferred - M1862 "Bullseye" Canteen with leather strap

  • Accepted - M1858 "Smoothside" Canteen with cotton strap


  • Preferred - M1855 Federal Double Bag Knapsack, Blanket Roll


  • Preferred - Gray or Brown Issue Blanket with US chain stitched.

Ground Cloth:

  • Preferred - Gum blanket

  • Accepted - Painted ground cloth

Tentage - On March 30, 1863, Hitchcock mentions the men using their shelter tents as hammocks on a train as they are moved that way. Given this, we will have our representation in shelter tents for the weekend.

Preferred - Properly made shelter tent of any type. Better if you pair up with a comrade ahead of time so your halves match well enough to work together.

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