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18th Mississippi Infantry

The Confederate impression for "Receding Tide" will be the 18th Mississippi Infantry. The appearance of the average Confederate soldier after Gettysburg varied greatly throughout Lee’s Army. Even before the battle, accounts from civilians and soldiers alike attest to the shabbiness of some soldiers, while accounts of other units indicate excellent uniformity and the good condition thereof. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case for the 18th Mississippi. Arthur Fremantle noted that the men were not affected by the rain and mud, and one Private Dinkins wrote on the extreme shabbiness of his clothing.

Just before Gettysburg, Barksdale’s Brigade had access to captured Yankee clothing and equipment, and were reissued with fresh ordnance stores. We also know that by this point the Confederate Depot system was in full swing, with Richmond supplying the majority of Lee’s army. This tells us that the 18th Mississippi, while perhaps somewhat shabby in appearance, would have been well prepared and clothed for the Gettysburg campaign.

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J Please review the below impression guidelines VERY CAREFULLY.​ All gear is listed in order of K preference. All gear is to be made of correct period materials and construction.




  • Preferred: Civilian slouch or CS issue hats

  • Accepted: Richmond Depot caps in jeans cloth

Jacket: one survives from the 21st Mississippi

  • Preferred: RDII in jeans

  • Accepted: Nondescript jeans jacket

  • Reluctantly Accepted: Civilian sack coat or EAC as a last resort


  • Preferred: CS issue - everyone should have one

  • Accepted: Civilian & US issue


  • Preferred: CS issue in grays or tans

  • Accepted: Civilian & US issue


  • Preferred: CS issue - everyone should have a pair

  • Accepted: Civilian & US issue


  • Accepted: CS issue, Civilian, & US issue


  • Preferred: CS issue or imported British

  • Accepted: Civilian shoes or boots, US captured


  • Accepted: CS issue of cotton or painted varieties or US captured


  • Preferred: CS issue tin or wood

  • Accepted: US 1858 or 1862 styles

Knapsack: (If you do not have an authentic knapsack, a blanket roll is acceptable)

  • Preferred: CS single bag (Kibbler or Pritchard) or British import

  • Accepted: Captured US

  • Not Accepted: Militia Hardpacks

Rifle (with appropriate bayonet):

  • P1853 Enfield Rifle Musket

  • M1855/61 Springfield Rifle Musket

  • Altered muskets / M1842 Springfield Musket

Blanket: in order of preference

  • CS issue

  • Civilian coverlets and carpets

  • Captured US


  • Preferred: Roller buckles, Georgia frames, imported snakes, CS manufactured, MS state frame buckles

  • Accepted: captured US “puppy paw”, wishbone frame

Cap Pouch / Cartridge Box

  • Preferred: Richmond Depot or imported accouterments

  • Accepted: Generic CS ID’d accouterments, captured US accouterments

  • Unacceptable: tarred/oil cloth or US 1864 accouterments

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