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What is THE?

Tuebor Historic Events (Tuebor is Latin for “I will defend”) evolved from a group of reenactors from Michigan, Kentucky, and West Virginia who were interested in planning and organizing better Civil War event experiences. In 2020, THE was born to formally create a brand to better promote our view of how to do an event.

Our founders are William Eichler, Andrew Roscoe, Sam Lowe, Andrew Potter, and Stephen Pavey. Our belief is that there is value in a variety of reenacting modes. Whether immersion events, living histories, or adjuncts and whether opposed or unopposed events, we seek to use them all to do our best to bring the Civil War to life for reenactors and the public.

Our vision for reenacting is one that seeks to build positive relationships with other groups and organizations. Only through collaborative efforts can we further the authentic / progressive / campaigner end of the hobby.

THE Team


Will Eichler


Andy Roscoe

Stephen Pavey


Andrew Potter


Sam Lowe

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