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5th Kentucky Infantry (CS)

The Confederate impression for Garfield's Ascent will be the 5th Kentucky Infantry (CS) and will be commanded by Johnny Lloyd. We will be organizing five companies. of 35 men each. 

​The 5th Kentucky Infantry (CS) had just recently organized during October and December 1861 in nearby Prestonburg, KY. Our goal is to raise five 35-man companies.



J Please review the below impression guidelines VERY CAREFULLY.​ All gear is listed in order of K preference. The companies that were at Middle Creek had only been in service for a few weeks to a few months. Uniforms and equipment should be in excellent condition. All gear is to be made of correct period materials and construction.


  • Preferred - Non-descript military Frock Coats in jean cloth, civilian style coats, or overshirts.

  • Accepted - "Militarized" overshirts and commutation jackets

  • Not Acceptable - Confederate Depot Jackets 


  • Preferred - Civilian Pattern in wool/jean cloth

  • Not Acceptable - Federal Issue Trousers


  • Preferred - Civilian Pattern

  • Not acceptable - US or CS style “Issue” shirts.


  • Preferred - Civilian Style Shoes/Boots

  • Discouraged but Accepted - Confederate/Federal Issue 

  • Not Acceptable - Modern footwear of any kind.


  • Preferred - Civilian hats

  • Accepted - Generic Confederate Kepis and Forage Caps

  • Not Acceptable - Any type of Federal Headgear


  • Preferred - CS Tin Drum

  • Accepted - Wooden canteens

  • Not Acceptable - Union issue canteens


  • Preferred - Plain white, cotton ticking, any non-military or civilian style bags.

  • Not Allowed - Union haversacks.


  • Preferred - Frame buckles, forked tongue buckles and roller style buckles.

  • Preferred - .58 caliber or .69 caliber cartridge boxes.

  • Accepted - Militia white webbed gear/leathers; powder horns allowed when applicable

  • Not Acceptable - Any kind of Union leather equipment


  • Preferred - US Model 1816 flintlocks or Belgian Rifles

  • Accepted - Civilian Flintlock Fowlers and Percussion Rifles and Shotguns 

  • Discouraged but allowed - Model 1842/1816 Conversion, 1853 Enfield Rifled-Musket

  • Not allowed - Unarmed, 1855 Springfield Rifled-Musket, 1841 Mississippi Rifles, 1854 Lorenz, 1861/62 Springfield Rifled-Musket, "Zouave" Rifles..


  • Preferred - Homemade quilts and plain wool blankets.

  • Discouraged - US issued gray or brown “emergency issue” blankets (must be WITHOUT US stitching)


  • Preferred - Mexican War or Militia Style

  • Allowed - Blanket Roll

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