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22nd Kentucky Infantry (US)

The Federal impression for Garfield's Ascent will be the 22nd Kentucky Infantry (US) and will be commanded by ​Andy Roscoe. The 22nd Kentucky Infantry (US) was in the midst of organizing when part of it was brought into the field for the the 1862 Big Sandy Valley Campaign. Companies A, F, and K were present at the Battle of Middle Creek with A and K making the assault against the portion of the line held by the 5th Kentucky Infantry (CS). Our goal is to field two 50-man companies for a full-size impression.

There is a battalion Facebook group that will be the primary tool for announcements


J Please review the below impression guidelines VERY CAREFULLY.​ All gear is listed in order of K preference. The companies that were at Middle Creek had only been in service for a few months. Uniforms and equipment should be in excellent condition. All gear is to be made of correct period materials and construction.



  • Preferred - M1858 Frock Coat. Records from the time of the battle, including photographs, show the men uniformly wearing Frock Coats. If you have one, wear this please. Other coats are only acceptable if you do not have a Frock Coat.

  • Accepted - Shell Jacket

  • Accepted - M1858 Sack Coat


  • Preferred - M1861 Sky Blue Trousers or M1861 Dark Blue Trousers.

  • Not Accepted - Civilian Pattern


  • Preferred - M1858 Type I Forage Cap. Same as the Frock Coat, the records show near universal wear of the Forage Cap. If you have one, wear this please. Other hats are only acceptable if you do not have a Forage Cap.

  • Acceptable- M1858 Type II Forage Cap or Kepi

  • Reluctantly Accepted - M1858 Hardee Hat

  • Reluctantly Accepted – Black Civilian Hat


  • Preferred - M1851 Enlisted Foot Over Coat.


  • Preferred - Issue or Civilian Shirt

Under drawers:

  • Preferred – Issue or Civilian


  • Preferred - Woolen Socks, issue or civilian make


  • Preferred - M1851 Jefferson Bootees (Brogans).

  • Accepted - Issue boots

  • Accepted – Civilian Boots


​Rifle (with appropriate bayonet):

  • Preferred - M1855/1861 Springfield Rifle Musket. The earliest records of the 22nd KY’s armament in March 1862 shows them carrying these weapons with no other reference to them exchanging weapons. 

  • Accepted - P1853 Enfield Rifle Musket

  • Reluctantly Accepted – M1842 Springfield Musket/Rifle Musket

  • Not Accepted - M1863 Springfield Rifle Musket, No Rifles M1841/55 or P1855

Bayonet Scabbard:

  • Preferred - 2 Rivet bayonet scabbard

  • Reluctantly Accepted - 7 Rivet bayonet scabbard

Cartridge Box :

  • Preferred - M1857/61 Cartridge Box with sling, box and eagle plates

Cap Box:

  • Preferred - M1855 "Shield Front" Cap Box

  • Accepted - M1862 Cap Box


  • Preferred - M1856 Waist Belt with puppy paw buckle and leather keeper or keeper cut off


  • Preferred - Black tarred issue haversack


  • Preferred - M1858 "Smoothside" Canteen with cotton strap

  • Reluctantly Accepted - M1862 "Bullseye" Canteen with leather strap


  • Preferred - M1855 Federal Double Bag Knapsack


  • Preferred - Issue blanket

  • Accepted - 1861 Emergency Blanket

Ground Cloth:

  • Preferred - Gum blanket

  • Accepted - Poncho

  • Accepted - Painted ground cloth

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